March 2019 Meeting Notes

March 2019 Meeting Notes

Hey all!  Thanks to all who made it out to Walter's for our March meeting.  For those who couldn't make it here are some highlights and announcements we made during the meeting.

Education Topic

Bart Carter presented a very interesting subject; yeast rinsing.  Yeast rinsing put simply is the process of separating healthy yeast cells from the trub of a beer that has finished fermenting.  By harvesting yeast from your previous brew not only do you save money on yeast but you also benefit by pitching a much higher viable cell count that will have considerable less lag time in your next brew.

For additional information and detailed instructions on yeast rinsing, washing and the difference between the two please read this great article from the American Homebrewers Association.


We raffled off a beer soap gift set graciously donated by Adam Wiseman.  Congratulations to Brian Crosson who won the gift set!

March Homebrew Competition 

We judged our March Homebrew competition.  The competition was open to any style of beer as long as it was made from malt extract.  We had great participation in this competition.  Below are the beers entered.

  • Bart Carter - Oatmeal Stout
  • Jason Cipriani - Hop Slam clone
  • Doug Rodriquez - Irish Stout
  • Brett Antonson - Milk Chocolate Stout & Belgian Double 
  • Adam Wiseman - Experimental Pale Ale
  • Jon & Jenna Valentine - Hoppy Brown Rye Ale
  • Lee Bongirno - Marzen
  • Cory & Marlo Sulivan - Guava Pale Ale & Nut Brown Ale

After all the beers were sampled, critiqued and voted on, the winner was Cory & Marlo with their Guava Pale Ale!


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