February 2019 Meeting Notes

Hey all!  Thanks to all who made it out to Walter's for our February meeting.  For those who couldn't make it here are some highlights and announcements we made during the meeting.

2019 Club Competition Styles

We will have 4 club competitions this year.  After lots of discussion we have decided on the following styles, so start preparing early!

Education Topic

This month was the first in a series of off-flavor training.  For this training session, we focused on Diacetyl and Lightstruck.

For each, we added the flavor component to a light neutral flavored beer.  We observed the aroma and flavors.  Both diacetyl and lightstruck were overpowering and definitely showcased the flaws that we as brewers strive to avoid.  For more information about each, we have posted additional information on our website.

Malt House Tour

We are in the process of planning a tour of Proximity Malt sometime this summer.  If you are interested in joining us please add your name and preferred date to this list.


We raffled off a 1lb bag of Northern Brewer Hops graciously donated by Adam Wiseman.  Congratulations to Jane Bongirno who won the hops!

Homebrew Tasting

Thank you to Lee and Jane Bongirno, Cory & Marlo Sulivan and Adam Wiseman for bringing some homebrew for use to sample and critique.