October 2018 Meeting Notes

Place – Walter's Brewery & Taproom
126 Oneida St, Pueblo, CO 81003
Time – 6:00 PM MST

Review of New Website

Many thanks to Jon Valentine on the redesign of the website. It is a major step forward. The new site has many great features:

Any feedback on the website would be greatly appreciated, so if you have any ideas please let Jon know!
Additionally, we're going to be moving away from GroupSpaces. The site will be our new hub, with Slack as our forum.  Please take a little time and go check it out. 


Discussion of Bylaws

The bylaws have been updated and published on the site.

Yearly membership dues have been updated  - $24 for an individual or $35 for a family

  • Renewals April 1 (our incorporation date)
  • Can pay membership dues on the site

Update of the Election of Officers

  • Nomination of officers - October Deadline
  • Requires approval of the candidate
  • Election of officers will take place at the December Christmas party
  • Paid members only having voting rights

Christmas Party

 The Christmas Party will be Dec 8th at Bart's house. 

  • Imperial beers (anything over 7.5%) will be the Christmas Comp
  • We'll be electing officers for the coming year
  • An invitation will be coming out soon with full details

Education Topic

Cory & Marlow discussed their move from bottling to Kegging. 

  • Started with 3 batches of beer that wouldn't carbonate. 
  • They tried several methods to increase carbonation, Priming Sugar, Carb Tabs, etc
  • After a few attempts, they moved to kegs (#FTW)
  • They had the unique experience of moving from bottles to kegs. They took two approaches: transferring from bottles to a bottling bucket then to a keg & then another batch directly from bottles to the keg. 
  • The lesson of this is to minimize agitation of the bottled beer to limit oxidation.

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